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10 Blogs PR professionals must read

Richa Seth
Richa Seth

By Richa Seth

Many of us have heard that if one is a PRO (Public Relations Officer) he/she needs to be a news junkie and should have a tab on everything ongoing in the economy, industries, recent trends, happenings and anything that could have a possible impact on your client. However, to become a specialist or to hone your skills, I strongly believe and most of us would agree that there is a need to expand our horizons beyond traditional newspapers and channels and get broader as well as different perspectives from various Blogs/websites/groups/forums/social media platforms which could be PR/Non-PR focused.

To begin with here is a list of my favourite PR/Non-PR blogs/news portals which I think PR people should read , please feel free to add more to this list (the order of the list is random and no way suggests any kind of rankings):


  1. The Holmes Report : Blog as well as the website provides great insights and knowledge based on PR industry happenings across the globe. The website also shares industry movements, research reports, case studies, interviews with senior industry personnel which are worth reading.
  2. 6 am blog by Richard Edelman : It has some engaging blog posts covering trends in communications, issues, lessons and insights gathered from across the globe by Richard Edelman, president & CEO of Edelman.
  3. PR Daily: A Daily news site that shares interesting and very useful content on PR, Marketing, Social Media and media worlds. These articles are based on providing solutions/recommendations to professionals that will help them to improve/develop skills required in this dynamic and evolving communications industry. The tips shared are indeed very useful and very executable and hence this site is amongst the favourites of PR pros.
  4. Vikypedia.in:  This blog is one of the most popular blogs amongst the Indian PR fraternity as it promises to be their day-to-day guide to challenges faced with media, clients, superiors etc. It also shares insights on marketing, branding, marketing communications, social media. This blog offers important PR news, articles, views and relevant case studies.  It is authored by Vikram Kharvi, founder of founded Indian PR Forum, India’s largest online forum of PR professionals.
  5. PR News: PR News has been the go-to resource for communications professionals across countries. It is considered as a blueprint for PR professionals and features how-to articles about relevant topics within the industry. The blog and website offer articles and case studies on PR leadership, media relations, visual storytelling, digital PR, crisis management and more.
  6. Image Management : Positioned as India’s first PR news site offers news and analysis of the communications industry. It presents insightful interviews of renowned professionals from across industries and also has organizes Asia’s Biggest PR fest such as PRestival. It is an initiative of Perfect Relations India Pvt. Ltd., Indian’s leading independent PR Agency.
  7. PRmoment.in: PRmoment.in is the online magazine for PR industry in India. It shares successful PR campaigns. Highlights best practices from the industry and features views of PR opinion formers, carries opinions and feedback from the media fraternity (leading journalists) about their expectations from the PR community.

Non PR

  1. Harvard Business Blog Network: For those who don’t have access to Harvard Business Review magazine, this blog is free to subscribe and easy to read on the go. The blog aims at providing articles and case studies on topics varying from marketing to management and leadership. It is a must read for all professionals.
  2. The Hoot: It is a portal started by a group of practicing journalists who were concerned about some of the recent trends seen in journalism. It is an attempt to revive a concern for media ethics, restore focus on development in the subcontinent, and preserve press freedom. The portal examines issues of accuracy, fairness, right to information, censorship, and the responsibility of the media. It can definitely help individuals to be updated about the ground realties of media and journalism.
  3. Sans Serif Blog : This blog is increasingly being noticed amongst the communicator’s fraternity – media and PR professionals. It provides news with a perspective which is not covered by traditional media and also carries views of senior professionals on topics of industry relevance.

I would be happy to hear from you on any more blogs which could make a good read for our community.

Happy Reading.

Richa Seth is a PR Consultant, currently working as an Account Manager with a leading PR consultancy 


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