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10 Things to keep in mind for a better Email and Digital Marketing

“Ping! You have gota mail.”

Digital marketing is now extending an impressive and impeccable strategy of email marketing. This is prevailing more as 79% of the consumers prefer permission based notification via email. As a result, the email marketing is growing very big and running steady.

From small to large businesses, everyone is now focusing on email marketing because of the following perks it has to offer –

  • Marketing based on category
  • Getting hold of more personal data
  • Easy monitoring
  • Customized marketing

According to market strategists, the reason for email marketing to be such a hit is because of a psychology working behind it. As soon as a person receives an email, he/she feels the hit of priority, which works very well in the era of mass marketing.

To ensure a complete success in email marketing, here are few things to keep in mind.

10 Tips for successful email marketing:

  1. Check on the format

43% Of the email marketing is based on proper formatting. Do not write way too lengthy emails as people don’t have the whole day to spare. Be specific, keep the content crisp and add some value.

Example: Adding a picture, chart or form that will make the mail content more engaging.

  1. Nail the subject line

What is the first thing people get to see as soon as they open an email? The subject line! So, make sure it is interesting enough for people to open and read the rest.

  1. There must be a call to action tone

What is the point of writing a mail if the purpose is not getting solved? For this reason, it is important to add a call-to-action tone for readers to get motivated and look for the service.

  1. Make people subscribe

Yes, this is an imperative point for adding more customers. It should be a bit of a teaser where people can only access the entire content after subscribing.

Think of this idea!

  1. Contact new people within 24 hours

Do not make the new subscribers wait; this is a big point in media relation. If one is willing to grab the attention of the customer and retain it, one must make sure to reach out to every new member who has subscribed.

  1. Don’t treat your customers like ‘nameless’ entity

Just a miss or mister is never good enough. One must write the name and address of every member appropriately. It further helps in developing personal relationships.

  1. Keep it down and give some space

Don’t just send an email in the name of digital marketing all the time. 70% of the time the reason for unsubscribing is because of receiving constant email.

Once in a day, that too proper informative email is good to go. Otherwise, it is better to avoid sending unnecessary content.

  1. Add a personal touch

Some quote maybe. Or a sentence directing as YOU, which will let people feel more interested to read and connect easily.

  1. Be communicative and ask questions

The key to winning this is by having a proper communication. It is important to ask questions and to have a better understanding about the customer demand.

  1. Reply ASAP!

When it comes to media relations, there is no better way than replying your client as soon as possible. It helps the customer to realize that the company cares and builds a better chance of promoting the service.

With these clear ideas, don’t repeat your email marketing mistakes! Go ahead and establish a cord of digital presence.


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