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Leadership Training for Managers at Adfactors

“If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, the general is to blame. But if his orders are clear, and the soldiers nevertheless disobey, then it is the fault of their officers.”Sun Tzu (an ancient Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher who is traditionally believed to have authored The Art of War, an influential ancient Chinese book on military strategy.) 




ince time immemorial, man has always looked for answers. Endeavored to understand. Searched for knowledge. Sought wisdom.

In all this, he always retreated to the mountains. The air is cleaner. The endless horizons inspire. There are fewer distractions. And the hurly-burly of everyday life falls into perspective. That is why sages of all faiths across the world, always retreated to the mountains. For that is where eternal truth resides.

Taking a cue from this philosophy of truth seeking, Adfactors PR decided to reach out to the mountains, the eternal symbol of strength and sustainability to build the foundation for the leaders of tomorrow. All Account Managers of Adfactors PR had an enthralling opportunity to participate in a two-day leadership development workshop conducted by Arun Nabar, a change facilitator and learning enabler from Spectra Interventions (a training and consultancy firm) at Northpoint Center of Learning, tucked away in the highest reaches of Khandala.

Commanding awe-inspiring views from every point across the well laid-out campus, the centre was equipped with the right blend of world-class infrastructure and ambience to enhance the process of learning.

Our trainer Arun strongly believed that humans can reach beyond manifest and with his belief he embarked us on a journey of re-discovering ourselves and bring about a paradigm shift in ourselves.

This dynamic leadership development program was way beyond normal performance management, team building programs, positioned on the principles of Leadership for Managers and challenging each manager to review and revisit how they manage and lead high performing teams in today’s turbulent environment.

Using stimulating discussion, facilitation, role play and case studies, Arun gave us an opportunity to step back from the way we currently do things and consider the critical skills, mindsets and actions that are required to successfully lead and manage a team with diverse personalities.

The program included several areas of discussion, input-output and participation sessions. The teams discussed the need to create the right culture and environment for success, challenges facing the business, communication in action and the role of leaders. Topics also included the need for mentorship and developing others, improving the Adfactors culture, and managing and responding to change.

Survival techniques, business acumen development, people skills and individual reflection were all part of the power packed workshop, while the importance of good mentorship was also highlighted. Participants also went through an outdoor exercise, titled ‘market delivery,’ demonstrating team-work, collaboration & coordination, goal setting and time management. This brilliant exercise brought forth how teams should deliver customer expectations at the highest level of pressure.

“It’s a great way to develop skills and learn about yourself, with lot of fun and so much introspective learning” said Vandana Kakkar, Head Training.

“Our agency has been going through both evolutionary and revolutionary changes, and as leaders in that process, we needed to look at ourselves in a mirror and self assess. And learn from what we were looking at in the reflection. It was mind blowing ” said Pradeep Gogte, VP -HR, who worked with the participants though both days of the workshop.

The team returned back with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation as strong as the mountains of Khandala.



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