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3 trends in digital advertising – a marketer’s wild card to social media management!

With 2018 just around, you are probably trying to deal with holiday itineraries and desperately planning your digital advertising strategy for next year.

It is not yet late to address your biggest marketing trends along with various social media management goals.

The main question that surely strikes you now and then is quite possibly –

How to engage with my customers in their digital life?

Over the last decade, digital advertising has seen a persistent growth which will continue to influence the work of marketing and corporate communications experts in the upcoming year as well.

The evolving dynamics of the current marketing trend are sure to affect the marketers and their customers on a large scale basis.

As we are speeding to the next year, here are top three predictions that will control the way we all endorse our brands in this digital hemisphere.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI):

The upcoming year is bound to revolutionize this digitization in the field of predictive analysis by the use of very smart device algorithms, popularly known as Artificial intelligence or AI. This will lead to giving powerful insight towards customer behaviours.

By engaging customers with personalized content and opportunities, brands will try to convert potential clients into loyal customers. They will also create a meaningful, stretched and co-jointly enrich Brand Customer Relationship (BCR).

You are sure to notice a possible increase in the use of extensive Digital PR tools as well through organized social media management techniques. Customer data and program marketing management centres will also see a massive uplift to manipulate the customer into a relationship with a brand.

  1. The rise of ISP’s:

In 2018, study suggests a growing threat to platforms like YouTube or Netflix. The sudden rise in the number of ISP’s will prove to impose a ban on Net Neutrality.

ISP’s involvement through a user’s mobile and internet behaviour is wide. It includes everything right from location data, browsing data, app usage to highly detailed user profiles. It stands like a marketer’s dream arena that is even accessible to social media management.

The facility to sell this user data without consent for simple reasons like ad targets will certainly decline due to high growth of ISP’s.

  1. Data identity and Personalization:

Nowadays, the use of customer data is omnipresent in all modes of digital advertising from search operators to Televisions.

As reputation risk is not a concern, the advertising world will get increasingly personalized in 2018 by accessing all the audience data.

Innovative ad formats will also break its way to upturn user engagement.

Well, can you relate to any of these digital advertising trends? Make sure you note all of them while making any strategy to enhance corporate communications techniques in your digital world.


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