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Hootsuite joins hands with Pinterest initiating new digital marketing partnership

Hootsuite, the renowned social media scheduling platform, has announced its partnership endeavour with Pinterest.

This global partnership initiates a new road for Hootsuite’s digital marketing landscape where customers from now on can schedule and put out their content straight to Pinterest.

Having above 16 million trusted customers, Hootsuite ventured this native integrating policy based on its 2018 report on social trends. The report showed how images can engage more followers to their domain and generate a healthy lead for future.

Hootsuiters will be allowed to publish their visual content directly to Pinterest’s pin boards. Moreover, users can also measure their respective Pinterest growth with the help of the Hootsuite Impact. This will further enable them to analyze their individual pin performance working as a crucial part of an integrated digital marketing strategy.

Harnessing the connection with customers through social media has been our motto ever since Hootsuite’s inception. We have seen how Pinterest’s visual appeal has provided e-commerce entrepreneurs to achieve humongous results and thus, the integration,” commented Penny Wilson, Hootsuite’s CMO.

This partnership is said to enhance the platform’s industrial leadership position as it will be helping small and large brands to grow effectively. Pinterest comprises about 200 million monthly users and with such massive active follower base, Hootsuite’s traffic is said to increase by 3.8 times almost.

The effectiveness of converting followers into potential prospects of future can be seen by Pinterest’s year growth of 40%. Hootsuite’s integrating endeavour calls for a new angle to digital marketing strategy as customers will engage more on this platform from now on.

Our customers can publish their contents and engage with other customers hailing from Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube. This strategic integration will make Hootsuite one of Pinterest’s marketing partners of brand content,” stated CMO of Hootsuite, Penny Wilson.

The marketing partnership will bring  a native conglomeration of brands helping them to thrive much more efficiently on this platform from now on.


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