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4 key content strategies for better marketing communications

All eyes on your website.”

That’s the DREAM! So, what is your plan to make this dream come true? Before stepping into the zone and bagging on all the plans, get a reality check. This will help to build a stronger plan for marketing communications in digital landscape.

Take a look at the stats and decide where exactly your site or content is lying.

Only 22% of the online marketing companies are satisfied with their conversion rate. The condition is similar in the advertisement sector. It requires $92 to spend on getting a customer but takes only $1 to convert them into a customer.

So, should you not opt for SEO, online marketing, and communication? The answer is yes. The only point is, you need to know the art of it. Your content strategy can do a lot for you.

Content strategy building impressive marketing communications

Throwing more light on the same. You can have a stable online communication and grab the attention of clients. The only thing that is between you and your way to online success is the lack of content marketing knowledge. So, take ideas from here and be a web MASTER!

#Strategy 1: Make yourself visible

Don’t boil in existential crisis! This is the first advice that you must keep in mind. Take the initial step to build your online presence with blogs, website content and more. How does this help? As per 2016 research, just 10% of your blog posts can generate around 38% of traffic.

#Strategy 2: Discussions forum

What do you think builds better communication? Discussions and talking. But those comment boxes and proper revert to those replies can fetch on an average 15% of your website traffic. This also helps in spreading the name and widening up the market. How? More the number of comments, Google will be able to spot the publicity and give you the hype you deserve. Once you are in the eyes of Google, reaching a wide number of potential customers is no big deal.

#Strategy 3: Understand your customer’s thought process

How?? No, this is not a very difficult job. You have the wand of social media. If you can be active there, then half of your digital marketing will be sorted. As soon as people start commenting on the posts from your end (make sure those are interesting, informative and beneficial too), you have to understand what they are looking for. And you must provide service or product based on that.

Tip: Initially, having tailor made service can be of huge help!

#Strategy 4: Let others speak for you!

Self-boasting or others boasting about your work – which sounds better? Of course, the latter. This calls for a review. The number of reviews you will have, the better will it solve your purpose. So, make sure your existing clients are saying well about you. If not them, you can do a bit of your reputation management too.

As per data, 60% of the viewers will go to the site and the second thing is to search for reviews. Among them, there is a chance that 40% will turn into potential customers if they liked your work.

Now that you have the art of digital marketing and communications in hand, start planning for content strategy soon. Be the BIG fish in the web ocean!


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