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40 Rules of Success

Came across a very good book on 40 Rules for Internet Business Success authored by Matthew Paulson, available on Amazon. Rules that are relevant and most of them applicable to all of us. Suggest select few most relevant rules for you, take a print and pin it on your work stations so that you read it before you start your work. Something like Business Gayatri Mantra.

Rule 1: Know Your Why

Rule 2: Excuses are the Fuel of Failure

Rule 3: Relationships Trump Knowledge

Rule 4: Become a Voracious Consumer of Content

Rule 5: Don’t Leave Your Family Behind

Rule 6: Head in One Direction at a Time

Rule 7: Follow The Supermarket Rule

Rule 8: Be the Person Everyone Wants to Work For

Rule 9: Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Too Early)

Rule 10: Prepare for Failure. Plan for Success.

Rule 11: Market Selection is a Make or Break Decision

Rule 12: Don’t Be a Franchisee of Someone Else’s Business Model

Rule 13: Have a Business Model, Not a Business Plan.

Rule 14: Let Your Customers Develop Your Product

Rule 15: Be Unique.

Rule 16: Start With a Minimum Viable Business

Rule 17: Don’t Give Up Equity (Early On)

Rule 18: You Don’t Need the Perfect Domain Name

Rule 19: Don’t Leave Your Pricing to Chance

Rule 20: Make Your Launch a Can’t Miss Event

Rule 21: Get Your Finances Right from the Beginning

Rule 22: Busyness isn’t Productivity

Rule 23: Don’t Be an Employee In Your Business

Rule 24: Not Everyone Needs to Be Your Customer

Rule 25: Read Before You Sign.

Rule 26: Measure Your Company’s Vital Signs

Rule 27: Befriend Your Customers

Rule 28: Be Skeptical. Be Aware.

Rule 29. Shore up Your Business’s Weakest Links

Rule 30: Fail, Quit and Regroup.

Rule 31: If you built it, they won’t come.

Rule 32: Do Results-Driven Advertising.

Rule 33: Go Where the People Are

Rule 34: Don’t Rely on Social Media, SEO or the Tech Press to Market Your Business

Rule 35: Own Your Customer List

Rule 36: Show Credibility with Social Proof

Rule 37: Always Be Testing

Rule 38: Use the Three Keys of Revenue Growth

Rule 39: Turn Over Stones

Rule 40: You’re Never Finished


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