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5 mistakes we make while performing online reputation management

Building a good online reputation for your company is important. Sometimes, due to wrong steps or statements, your company might receive blemishes. That’s okay. Nobody is perfect, and mistakes can happen. But, you must make sure to address the problem at the earliest. This gives you a chance to regain the lost public faith. Thus, an online reputation management team is what you should always have ready.

But in implementing such strategies, we often commit certain grave mistakes that subvert the expected results. Here is a list of the 4 major mistakes we usually make.

  1. Being reactive-

This is deadly. Acting on reflex is the last thing one must do while operating online crisis management. Instead, you must first assign the team to analyze the nature of infamy judiciously. Reacting to it is actually proving that the rumors are right. But you don’t do that- you have to generate contents and posts that will showcase the dishonor to be false and baseless.

  1. Not forming a comprehensive team-

An online crisis management team should comprise of one member from each department- HR, PR, marketing, legal and others. Brains from all spheres coming together account for an effective solution. Also, having at least one professional community manager is mandatory. He/she should know your brand in and out and should have experience in managing social media platforms. Such a community manager will know the exact way to deal with a bunch of dissatisfied clients, when to create conversations and when to take conversations off the board.

  1. Absent from the scene-

This enrages customers beyond repair. Also, it cements your ill repute in their minds for they think you are missing and irresponsive for being guilty. Do not give them these opportunities to think that you have wronged and cannot find a way to fix it. Instead, be present and be responsive; but do not react.

  1. Play Ostrich-

You expect that you shall remain undercover and the infamy or scam will never come to light. That is so wrong! While you bury your head in the sand, your feathers are still sticking out. So a wise action would be to put your reputation management team immediately to work!

  1. Take the media as an enemy!

Often company CEOs back lash at media personnel for having covered their event of infamy. But this is a wrong way to deal with an adverse situation. In fact, such behavior can further put the company’s repute in jeopardy. Thus you must maintain peace with the media and if possible, seek their help in reviving your lost reputation.

Avoiding these mistakes, one can quickly overcome any dire situation that crops up regarding the reputation of his/her company.


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