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Here are 5 public relations strategies that can prevail in 2018

With new technological advancements coming out each hour and day, the old school Public Relations reps are spiralling in a whirlpool trying to get a grip on it.

As the PR game evolves and changes, so does the procedure to reach the audience with assurance without creating any potential back fire.

Here are 5 tactics that PR managers can have in their arsenal in 2018.

1. Artificial Intelligence is the future, or is it?

Although crucified by Elon Musk, Artificial Intelligence or AI is slowly creeping into the daily lives of the general public.

For digital PR managers, AI plays an important role quite similar to a time machine – predictions.

With more and more customer service becoming automated to curb outsourcing costs, it has and will continue to determine how much consumers appreciate them for making a new business successful.

2. Learning the Internet Lingo

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton’s 3rd Law may be applicable to Physics, but it is also applicable on the internet. Insensitive social media posts have created a nightmare for several massive brands.

For example, the Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner created an outburst among internet users; they marked it to be racist against the American black community.

3. Media fragmentation

Audiences are getting fragmented, fragmented based on the form of media communications. 

For example, now there has been a significant rise of podcasts and digital radio thereby making it hard for Public Relations to reach these audiences.

Although having a minuscule role in the overall communications theatre, the above form of media requires attention to reach a wider audience.

4. Content amplification

Content amplification lets one reach the maximum possible audience before setting sail.

So, how does it work?    

Creating consistent content which one can share through social media can result in the supreme digital PR ever. Moreover, getting it sponsored can add more sweetness and achieve a vast reach among internet dwellers.

5. The leader of thoughts

Thought leadership, although tilting largely towards marketing also has a considerable influence over Public Relations.

Big brands are going crazy over thought leadership and even hiring specific individuals in this field.

So, what do these guys do?

These guys hold senior ranks among the management team and take care of all their blogs, articles, and other copywriting work. However, these are not just usual writing, but contain all research, reports, and even benefits of a new product that a company has launched.

The Public Relations industry is changing, and changing hard, but it is not going away.

As Darwin said – survival of the fittest, so the PR gurus also have to adapt and change in order to make their brands successful.



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