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5 Secret Digital Marketing Updates to Make You the SEO-HERO!

Change is the only constant– True. If the world is changing every second, the internet world is a light year faster than that. The updates that people used in 2016-17 are now ‘old.’ To emancipate digital marketing from any backdated approach, there are new updates to know and add in posting.

5 new updates to add in SEO for better online marketing:

  1. Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is the new key to success

Google is showing more markups and data in its result. It means it is showing more in the search result; so make your keyword more specific.

Suppose one writes a post with keyword ‘company for online writing.’This will give far more resultswhich can easily divert the clients. Whereas, writing a post with the keyword, ‘company for better online writing’ will specify more. Hence, choose the keyword smartly.

  1. Multi-device speed

Remember, there are many fishes in the market; so don’t let one lose interest on you.’

Cut down the unwanted and unnecessary information to improve the loading speed. If the pages take time to load, there are chances to lose traffic by 60%.

  1. Listen and speak the same language.

It is important to know and understand what the clients are looking for. Then, instead of going for justification, take their sides. It is important to post what clients are interested in reading and not what you are interested in showing.

  1. Bucket Brigade

SEO writing for Digital Marketing is not only about putting words after words. Every post needs to be a reflection of the best. According to research, a person spends on an average around 30 seconds on a page. Within this time, a post needs to justify two things:

  1. a) Whether the post is worthy of reading
  2. b) Why the reader should land on the client’s site

Bucket brigade is the tool that will make the post more scan-able and improve user experience. As a result, the bounce rate will reduce which is imperative for improving marketing communications.

According to Backlinko research, with this tool, the average time can increase up to 4 minutes.

  1. Be biased to brands

It’s for nothing that brands have earned quite a good name for themselves. Therefore, linking the post with a pre-existing name is important as that will help the company to grow more by drawing higher traffic rate.

More on SEO Marketing Communications:

According to the present data, here is how different SEO posts are affecting a site –

  • Proper SEO blogs can improve 53% of the site traffic.
  • 72% of people read posts on Facebook.
  • 88% of sites can improve with social media marketing.
  • Press Releases draw 32% more attention with every post.

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