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5 Stats and Facts about Online Public Relations for Better Ranking

Fact: 90% chances are there that the reader of this post will gain absolute insight for improving his/ her public relations!

Does this sound impossible? Then it’s not. There are researched statistics that prove some of the following to be the ultimate key to win the race of digital PR.

  1. Be responsive:

Fact – there is a chance of improving client base by 53% more if one is responsive.

This was first researched in Twitter. There, more than 55% of the audience stated that they expect a response from the company, site or person within 1 hour.

  1. Knowing the B2C market:

Fact – Understand what your target audience prefers, that’s the key to success.

Social Media is a vast area where some are inclined to do Facebook, others are inclined to Snapchat or Instagram, and the list continues. Here, one needs to strategize where to post their content.

Facebook controls 27% of the internet advertisement, so this must be a generic platform for sure.

  1. Content strategy:

Fact – 88% of market researchers say that it is important to make a content which is SEO friendly and going to help the online world better.

Get your SEO done by experts as they will help in making the content rank better in Google by following appropriate algorithms. This is further going to enhance the market position and online PR of the company.

  1. All hail social media:

Fact – 81% of the content published is read-only when it is linked to social media.

It means social media presence is extremely important to upscale a business and get a better audience. Moreover, there are few other advantages one can have via social media –

  • Mass marketing
  • More share
  • Better SEO
  • Chances of getting more followers and more orders

These are some of the advantages noted via analysis done by online experts.

  1. Reputation Management:

Fact: 85% of the potential clients take an interest in buying a product or service based on its online reputation

Hence the importance of reputation management hikes up even more. It is best to get professionals who will work on this and manage online reputation, testimonials and reviews of a company.

Time to do better on the internet with Public Relations facts and use them to achieve a higher ranking!


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