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6 ways videos can boost traffic to your website

What is the thing that you are missing and your competitor is doing to get more traffic to his/ her site? The answer is – Appeal! For sure, the competitor site is more appealing than yours. This is because of the strategic viral videos, crazy memes and amazing pictures (comics work too)! In case you are still wondering, check out the 6 major ways how videos can get more traffic to the site.

“Visual memories are the strongest.” So, make sure that whatever your audiences are watching is worth enough.

1. Add more value

Where words pause, add action to give a clearer idea.
A video does the same to a site. Use interesting and factual videos which have a direct link to the content. It is only then one can add more value. But, don’t make it very lengthy unnecessarily.

As per statistics, 80% of readers can recall a post by remembering its video. This leaves a better impression. Moreover, these long lasting impacts help to keep viewers engaged for a longer period. As a result, more time to nurture digital marketing strategy and develop better relations with mass.

2. Use proper keywords

Optimize your video with proper keywords. These are going to make the video post rank higher in Google and with the proper keyword; it will be more easily visible to others. However, choosing keyword can be a little difficult. So, do keep an eye on this.

3. Link to social media sites

When one is creating a post, it is of equal importance that one must share these on social media sites. With this, a lot of people will have access to the video with ease and increases the possibility of getting better hits.

As per 2014 Cutt’s result, these social media posts are also Google pages. It means, even their ranking matters. It also gives way to promote any content or site with a better prospect.

4. Enhances growth potential

A budget of $10,000 was used for video marketing last year for small business promotion. This is an increase of total 71% than previous years. It means viral videos can do wonders to publicize a site. Moreover, the prime sites of posting video contents are social media platforms. There, if the response is good, it gives a perfect way to digital marketing.

5. Google gives more priority

A video will higher the chance of ranking the post in first page by 53 times. The reason for this is because Google now uses an updated version of algorithm – Hummingbird. According to this result, video contents are more ‘quality contents.’

6. It makes the page more Authoritative!

It is more likely that a video post will engage the reader for two minutes more than a normal article. This means that there will be less bounce rate and Google will tag the pages to be authoritative.
These are some amazing tricks that will help to improve the SEO quality. Stay tuned for more



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