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9 Things to learn from 2019 Elections

Post results of the Indian parliamentary election, these are the 9 key learnings that I have gathered from my observations. Please feel free to add points from your own perspective.

  1. The commentary that goes on in social media cannot be used as a barometer to judge the on-ground situation. It is most likely that the armchair commentators might have not even voted in the summer of 2019.
  2. BJP’s younger leadership admitted that they were rewarded for ‘Parakram’as against ‘Parikrama’ (surrounding their bosses). Leaders need to be mindful of being seen as unbiased and performance oriented.
  3. Don’t get deluded by small losses, wait for the right opportunity and keep communicating, while building alliances wherever and whenever possible.
  4. Change your narrative as per the changing environment, don’t keep beating the same old drum at every available opportunity.
  5. Identify your opponents’ weaknesses and try to neutralize that instead of putting in all your force to fight the strengths of your opponents.
  6. Past success has no relevance in today’s VUCA world, make yourself more relevant in the current scenario and stop glorifying on your past victories.
  7. Don’t ignore the power of paid media, opinions can be formed either ways, if used smartly.
  8. Family businesses and political parties now need to recognize that they will have to get in professionals to run the show, families can scale the organization to one level but to reach the next level, you need a professional mindset, lalagirimight not always work.
  9. Lead by example, people will follow you only when they find you worthy of something.

Happy to hear your views and opinions, let’s discuss…


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