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A New Book on PR Launched

Practice what you preachA seasoned PR practitioner, lecturer and a blogger – Vikram Kharvi, launched his first book focusing on the world of Public Relations industry and shares an insider’s account about the changing face of public relations. Published by Revelation House, the book aims to provide practical solutions to common problems faced by PR practitioners.

The author has provided comprehensive answers to myriad questions including what constitutes PR, how a PR practitioner interacts with the media and how one can communicate effectively. Public Relations requires a lot from its practitioners – be it communication, knowledge, skill, writing ability, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence etc. Through this book, Vikram intends to bring up all these essential ingredients and discuss them in detail.

Author, Vikram Kharvi says, “This book will provide the practicing PR professionals with tips and tricks of the trade and for the students of public relations across all levels it is aimed to be an invaluable study aid and a quick peek into the industry they plan to enter. I sincerely hope that the educators too find it useful.”

Mr. Madan Bahal, MD, Adfactors PR, in the Foreward of the book cites, “Vikram has done a fine job in explaining why it is imperative for a PR professional to keep oneself updated at all times. Indeed, a PR consultant needs to engage with multiple stakeholders from different walks of life and develop multi-faceted relationships with each community. He has drawn beautiful parallels to the art of PR with examples from mythology and metaphorical situations. This, I believe, will make the book an easier and more interesting read among budding and prospective PR practitioners.”

Mr. Brotin Banerjee, MD & CEO, Tata Housing in the Preface says, “With the changing times, especially with the internet playing an important role, across all industries that rely on communication, the world of PR and communications has been dramatically altered. To be successful in such a dynamic industry, PR and communication professionals need to stay on the learning curve 24 x 7. I hope this book reaches the right people and in the process of reading this, they are enlightened about the marvelous world of PR and communications.”

The book is available in paperback and online in different electronic formats. You can purchase it from Flipkart as well as from Amazon: http://bit.ly/PWYPamazon / http://bit.ly/PWYPflipkart .

launch at the SVKM College   Launch in Mumbai



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