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Top Social Media Management & Marketing Case Studies to Inspire You!

Even the Fool understood about his own good, but the Reluctant did not. Thus, we don’t find him in the internet’s world.”

Confused with the statement? Shedding some light on the thought – Social media management, exactly how important is it? Everyone knows that the entire world is now connected with the wires of social media platform; hence it is IMPORTANT! Every businessperson is marketing their professional establishment through social media. Why? Simply because it makes their presence visible to a larger audience in the fastest possible time.

Social platforms are presently the most important means for building media relations, communication, leading to market their service image and initiate growth rate. You still don’t believe in it, right? Take a look at the recent social media case studies and how these changed the stars overnight.


Recently, in a Facebook survey, an exciting fact popped up. 3 most interesting posts that bagged a large sum of profit by drawing clients from their Facebook profile did NOT use Facebook ads. They did it just based on their followers and by using a powerful campaign (which was really interesting). Check what those were –

  1. An experiment done by Cadbury gained 40,000 more followers on Facebook and found more 350,000 people to be actively participating in the marketing campaign.
  2. NatGeo Covershot where people were inspired to travel and post their picture. The campaign overnight increased followers of NetGeo.


Twitter is holding the second position in the world for better Social Media relation. There was a B2B marketing case study that talks about how Twitter improves business. Two such examples are:

  1. Avaya – They were the listeners and replied to the clients within 15 minutes. This helped them gain client base that gave a sale of $250,000 approximately within two weeks.
  2. Neenah Paper – Initially, they were not able to fix meetings with any designer, artist or anyone who could be their client. So, they started promoting via Twitter, and it was a great success. In present time, they have more than 20 sales representatives for handling Social Media Management and bagging orders.


How important is branding? LinkedIn knows all about it. In a social media case study, the progress Vestas, a wind energy company, showed is worthy of mention. The company, after 30 years of being in market started getting recognition only from 2011 onwards via LinkedIn branding. Now, Vestas is a multi-faceted company with 400,000 employees and association with 35 leading energy brands.

Now that’s the power of social media marketing.


A case study on the close relation between SEO and YouTube video showed the face of real progress. Presently, SEO market is blooming more by linking it to YouTube videos for making it more informative and gaining more readers. So, how is YouTube video maker benefitting? More Views, More Likes, More Subscribers, More earning! The perfect symbiosis!

Time for you to build better social media relations with a new marketing strategy and elevate your chances to be the next subject for a case study. Share the story of your success!


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