Ever since PR was introduced to the world, PR professionals have been battling against the depiction of PR people as spin-doctors, promulgators of hyperbole and obfuscation, and pitch spam artists. Through this one of the oldest and widely read blog, founded by Vikram Kharvi, we join this battle of PR professional getting the respect and honour PR practitioners deserve.

We love using this portal as a vehicle to talk about how to do PR right.  That includes integrating all of the communications elements that make up good PR, which very much includes social media, along with media and analyst relations. Though started as a PR only blog, Vikypedia.in has grown to cover larger perspective from the world of marketing and hence we will try to bring forward new updates from the realm of digital/social media marketing, branding, media and everything else marketing…

Stop by often to hear our views on:

  • Changing approaches in PR, Media, Marketing and Digital;
  • Practical and prescriptive guidance on using new digital tools as part of integrated communications strategies;
  • Global best practices tailored for Indian market

And please join the discussion.  We love comments and conversation.  We love all forms of communication. We will also love articles authored by you. News, updates, case-studies, coming from your agency or companies will help us all to increase our knowledge about the industry and domain we operate in. We also welcome Interviews from agency heads, corporate communications head and even from executives from all levels. A day in a life of you would be a lovely read for all of us.

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