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More ‘AI’ for Better Digital Marketing – Fact or Fiction?

Digital marketing delegates believe that artificial intelligence heralds a dramatic potential for expansion both for humans as well as for the overall economy.

This perhaps explains the reason why so many start-up agencies specialising in artificial intelligence are getting so much attention off-late.

One recent statistic shows the Harvard University receiving a resounding $28 million as capital investment for development in the field of artificial intelligence. A close source stated that this substantial investment was given to them for making something stronger and smarter in comparison to the human brain.

A media delegate claims,

“It’s very easy to overlook the power and proficiency of artificial intelligence. But truth stands firm; it is the new wave of the future. It’s about time that the world doubles down to it and gets a head-start against their completion (regardless of the venture).”

Other experts also lay down a few reasons why giving importance to artificial intelligence does make a lot of sense.

As per information gathered, their primary reason emphasises that it is going to play a big role in social media. They believe that artificial intelligence will be on a sure-fire mode to promote social engagements with clients.

With artificial intelligence, business runners will be able to understand the extent of human behaviour. They will not only be able to segment and filter big data sets, but also decipher its true meaning.

These experts clearly state that with AI, they would be able to know the customers who hate getting their emails, or those who desire a specific kind of product/service. Plus, they will also be able to know how they can personalize their end-user experience. With these conveniences, business runners will be able to innovate and come up with winning products and campaigns.

The next reason which these digital marketing experts lay down is its un-stoppable growth prospects. Based on some hard-hitting statistics, they opine that AI, by 2035, could double the yearly economic growth. The nature of work will experience a complete metamorphosis and a cordial and fruitful relationship will formulate between humans and their artificial counterparts.

These online marketing experts consider it to be a staggering prospect, 20 years into the future and it should open up numberless eyes. Plus, some media experts in complete support of this declaration, say that basically there is no stopping this radicle surge in popularity of AI.

‘Eventually populaces will have 2 roads to choose. One is accepting the perks of AI by getting on board. The other being vice-versa and allowing their competition to walk pass them.’

With these previous pointers, another rational reason coming to light was the benefit of predictive analysis.

Stating confidently, there will be no need to rely on instincts anymore. Such artificial intelligence will aid in adequate predictive analysis and present them bang-on data concerning product/service/target audience perspective. With everything present, business runners will be able to focus their time and money on what matters and works, rather than catering to inaccurate guesswork.

Deciphering such phrases of digital marketing experts, a more resounding and targeted marketing approach is expected to take form.


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