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AI for PR proves different from AI for digital marketing in 2018

Digital marketing and all the ad platforms have already added artificial intelligence at a futuristic space. They are now providing smart insights that showcase their marketing campaigns in this arena. Once their goals meet, these digital media campaigns will become a “self-driving wagon” by themselves.

You can tell them, instruct them and also make them go wherever you want to, and thus relax and focus on other business,” commented a marketing expert recently.

On the other hand resides the domain of public relations. This “free media” marketing section poses to be fundamentally different from the arena of marketing, be it digital or conventional. Karla Jo Helms who is the CEO and the founder of JoTo PR Agency says,

My firm is currently employing diverse mechanisms which include AI. We track our audience’s sentiments on social platforms. Also via the tools of AI and machine learning, we are developing lists, sourcing potential influencers and also constructing digital analytics.”

The artificial intelligence powered tools and public relations tools have emerged for these types of tasks as mentioned by Karla. Making market predictions and doing research work have now become easy tasks for the PR experts. Current PR campaigns are conducted nowadays owing to the AI tools’ facility.

The basic difference that lies among digital marketing, advertisements and PR is the central area of responsibility. People who are acquainted with the PR field will still follow an inviolate ideal here,” added Karla further on this note.

The marketing and online advertisements are focusing more on reaching out to the masses via brand messages. However, PR still focuses on the sole principal of “implementing trust” amongst their clients.

Artificial intelligence cannot fully examine things. As it cannot confirm a brand’s argument from a human spectator’s vantage point, PR still cannot fully operate with only AI tools and mechanisms.


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