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How is Amazon Kindle with ads doing in the digital marketing domain?

To bring the prices of Kindle down for easing customers’ pockets, Amazon began offering “Special Offers” with it as part of their digital marketing strategy. With this offer, Amazon would display ads in the device’s lock screen as the screensaver.

Leveraging the power of digital marketing, Amazon brought the price of the device down considerably. The company would also sell a non-ad version at a higher price, as sources said.

However, there was a twist!

Amazon further revealed that the ads would be displayed in all variants of Kindle. This, however, led to minor turmoil after which the company announced that users would get the option to pay an extra fee to opt-out from ads.

On the other hand, many customers with ad-supported Kindle liked it for various reasons. Some of these are:

1.Targeted Ads

They show targeted ads which are customised based on user preference. The ads incorporate various types of media including video and image. Users reported of preferring the promos they get to see from upcoming Amazon Prime Video specials and more.

2. Less expensive

One of the perks that come with ads – affordability.

Owing to Amazon showcasing ads on Kindle, they are offering this product at a subsidised price.

3. Subtle ads

The ads are not like those you get while scrolling through social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. They appear as a screensaver and go away once you turn the screen one. So, no interruption in user experience!

In addition, they appear subtly in the device as well. 

Ads appear on the bottom of its screen and do not hinder your concentration at all.

4. They can prove beneficial

Many a time, users have reported of getting special offers from Amazon. Additionally, you can also get special deals on products, movies, gift cards, and more.

Although aiding in Amazon’s digital marketing, Kindle with ads can help you save some cash on the go. Moreover, if you don’t like the ads, opt out from them any time you want to with a minimal additional price.


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