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Annual General Meetings of PR Agencies

Hi Friends,

I plan to work on an article on the annual get together/AGMs conducted by PR agencies for their employees. For this I require inputs from two sets of respondents

1)      The management representatives of the agency, who plan these AGMs

2)      Employees of the agencies, who have attended such AGMs in their current or earlier agencies

Questions for the Management Representatives

1)      What are the objectives behind hosting an AGM for employees?

2)      What outcomes do you expect from the AGM

3)      Are the expectations met post the AGM

4)      Any interesting incident/learning derived from any of the AGMs that you share in detail?

Questions for the Employees

1)      With what objective you attend the AGMs organized by your agency?

2)      How do you think the AGMs help you in your working?

3)      Any interesting learning/incident that you can share about the AGMs you have attended in your career

Please share the responses as frankly as possible and as soon as possible


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