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Are you a Consultant or an Office Assistant

Some of my recent experiences have lead me to ask a question on the
prevalence of just giving in to clients. How much do you feel like you
submit to your client’s whims, even though your professional expertise
says otherwise?
We have a common phrase around my office which is “What does the
client want?” To which I frequently reply “Its not about what the
client wants, its about what the client needs.” This mindset stems
from years of working with clients who think they know what they want
in marketing but nobody here was willing to risk losing the business
if they argued. Now that we have clients who do pay us for our
expertise, not just act upon their own ideas, I find some PR Pros use
it as an excuse not to think or be creative. The attitude is often
“Let’s just do what they want and move on to the next project.” That
irks me.

Clients often come up with great ideas…but often many many bad ones.
But even I must admit that sometimes the client’s stubbornness exceeds
our own and we have to give in to producing an ill-conceived tactic,
or a message that has been butchered by journalists. Sometimes its
just not worth the effort to fight it.

So I submit these prompts for some mid-week discussion:

1. Do you feel like you give into client’s wants more than you should?
If so, can you quantify that?
2. How do you handle know-it-all clients, those that are their own
barriers to success?
3. Where do you draw the line between what you fight and what you


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