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Are You Aware of the New Digital Marketing Approach?

Times are flipping fast in digital marketing and keeping up with this pace is really important. Moreover, the pace needs to be on trend too. Not clear?

40% Of the online marketers even after spending a substantial price are not able to find ‘success’ in online marketing. The reason for this is quite simple.

The Internet is a tricky place, and Google is trickier!

Yes, this must be the case. Google is constantly bringing in SEO changes for better media relations and marketing. Therefore, it is extremely important to know what the updates are –

Keep long tail keywords by your side

This targets niche demographics, which means it will show your result in your genre that is better for business. Also, it faces lesser competition than generic keywords and ultimately, your target is to make yourself visible in the search result.

Interesting fact: Long tail keyword has 60% more potential in fetching better result for pay per click service.

Mobile friendliness is a must

The world will certainly fail to run well if the app design is not mobile friendly. Maximum people like 7 out of 10 prefer mobile search over using PC or laptop. Hence, make sure that the app or site or content, in short, your presence in any form should be mobile friendly.

Back your words with visual!

The better you plate tastier seems the food.

This is equally true for content posting. A proper article with 500 words has a lesser chance of being viral than an article of 250 words with pictures (hence, it’s called a viral post). This is something extremely interesting.

So, make your posts more interesting and see how much impact it leaves on the readers!

Know what the posts to create are

Not clear? You need to know the preference of audience and what do they prefer to read. If you can identify these writing, it is going to help you get through this issue and help in benefiting better.

This is how the ranking is budding presently –

First, its Articles with 79% followed by blogs with 69%, then newsletters with 63% popularity, fourth is case studies with 58% and finally its whitepapers with 51%.

Now, do you want to post?

Was this post helpful? The only way to know is adding these approaches in your writing style! So, post first, get the response and leave your feedback below in the comment section.


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