Home PR Do better online PR with better blogging tricks!

Do better online PR with better blogging tricks!

Did you know that your BLOG reflects your PERSONALITY? Surprised? Let’s enlighten you a bit more. Before you start managing your online PR, ask yourself two questions –

  1. What people around you think about your personality in real life?
  2. Do you know your word game well?

So, how these two questions will help you? If you are good at these, then you can be sure that 30% work to attract traffic to your blogging site is done. But, is 30% management good enough to make you mark in the internet world? No, it is not.

Hence, if you are one of those who don’t want to settle for less than 100%, then read further. Here, you will get few tips and tricks that will spread the word of your blog.

Tip 1#

Target the people who are willing to share your work!

While strategizing your public relations, make sure to target such group of audience who are willing to share your post. This is also possible by posting your blog or content in communities where you already have a group of engaged readers.

Tip 2#

Add some fun to your writing

A good read is always worth sharing. Add the touch of comic relief and sarcasm to make it more interesting. But remember; don’t forget to add interesting facts too in your posts. It will help you a lot in the long run. Moreover, this is important to know that without getting your facts ready, instead of being funny, you will be the topic of fun!

Tip 3# 

Don’t forget to follow the rules of SEO

This is important to make sure that your read is SEO friendly. In the case of online PR, it is crucial to make sure that all the contents are maintaining the SEO algorithms. Without maintaining the rules and guidelines, it won’t be possible to rank in Google. And, every blogger knows about the importance of ranking in Google!

Tip 4#

Know the art of sharing your post in Social Media site!

So, which are the highest ranking social media sites now for better public relations? The top three choices should be Twitter, Facebook and Google+. However, sharing your blog once will not be enough. Take a quick glance below –

  • Twitter: On the first day of the post, share it twice at an interval of two hours; then once the very next day. After that, once in the next week, once the next month and then again after 2 This will create an impression of readers that your work is being appreciated and that’s why it is getting posted in a recurring process.
  • Facebook: Post the same post once every month for at least 3 to 4 months.
  • Google+: Once on the day of publishing, next after a week and then again after a month!

Clear about your online PR tactics? If yes, then start blogging now!


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