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Beware! Deadly digital marketing mistakes in 2018 to avoid!

Mistakes are the bumps on your road of SUCCESS!

These irksome obstacles often stop you from achieving your goals and grow further! When you are within the digital marketing maze especially this year, certain mistakes often prove heavy for you. These can crush your dreams and soon you will get “STUCK”!

But, that is not the scenario you have dreamed of isn’t it? Your own vortex of happy unicorns and dancing fairies might suddenly confront a dark demon if you do not be cautious. You have to LEARN from mistakes.

What are the deadliest of mistakes most people do in the digital media business?


1. Investing a gazillion bucks in wrong places

If you run a poor digital marketing campaign strategy then that is not only embarrassing but also deadly. How?

Remember you competitors are always out there with their claws bared out ready to prey on your customer! No matter how gory this sounds it is indeed true. Knowing this if you keep on investing in the same old marketing plan which was good for say 2015, then man, you sure need to think twice! If you do not keep up with what happens tomorrow then your customers who check online reviews before the yellow page campaigns will just go away!

2. Wrong audience target

Banking upon the digital media does not mean that you get to target all and sundry. No, that is absolutely a myth!

Before spending all those thousands of bucks on your PPC ads or email campaigns buck up for a while and focus on your niche specific audience first. Your brand service may not suite teenagers or says the old denizens. Understand for whom your brand thrives and then go forward rather than blindfolded shooting arrows at wrong people.

3. Zero differentiation

Digital marketing is a story which needs to be told to your clients in the way they can relate to. Putting your customer’s journey as the central theme of your brand story will let you go much further smoothly.  If you have no differentiation in your approach then you are surely making a HUGE mistake.

Taking the leap from personalization to customer individualization will set your digital marketing game ahead of your competitors.

Not creating meaning customer experience is proving real bad for every digital marketeer in 2018! Try to not succumb to clichés and make yourself a ‘weirdo’ standing out in the crowd!


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