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Book Review – Gap Selling

Gap Selling authored by Keenan, gives us some excellent tips on B2B sales and services selling. It states that how problem-centric selling increases sales by changing everything you know about relationships, overcoming objections, closing and price. The books shares 9 fundamental principles but I have elaborated only 7 of the most important principles, which are follows:

  1. No problem, no sale – If the buyer doesn’t have a problem that your product can solve, you won’t make a sale, find the problem first
  2. In every sale, there’s a gap – Customers likely don’t understand the extent of their problem, which often proves more serious than the customer realizes. Experienced salespeople know customers may lack a clear idea of what they need and want.
  3. All sales are about change – Customers make purchases in order to swap discomfort for comfort. You need to assure your prospect that you are the best suited to bring that change.
  4. Customers don’t like change (even when they say they do) – Changes that you don’t anticipate are unsettling. This is true for everyone.
  5. Sales are emotional – Every change involves emotions. Things like loss of control, excess uncertainty, surprises, too much change at once, loss of face, insecurity, extra work, the ripple effect, past resentments etc., may block your sale. I am sure consultancy guys understand what I mean.
  6. Customers do like change when they feel it’s worth the cost – Customers don’t like change until they do. That happens when it becomes clear that their current pain will get worse if they don’t make a change or better state lies in future that comes with the change, identify such opportunities.
  7. Asking why gets customers to yes – The more why-based questions you ask, the more you will understand your customers’ motivations and the more you will learn which factors will prompt them to buy.


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