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Borrow 4 Social Media Marketing Tips from Trending Celebrity Profiles!

Social media marketing is the new age method of publicising your name or brand. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat are no more a socializing network as these have taken the shape of the most effective marketing platform.

Have you recently followed the trends that every celebrity profile is taking up on social media sites? Well, if you care to look past their latest designer wears and controversial affairs, you will notice a set-pattern for their social media posts. No doubt, they are 100% effective in increasing the fan base!

Here are such 4 trends you can use as tips to improve your social media marketing strategies!

  1. Exciting and fresh content-

At the US National Library of Medicine Studies, the National Centre for Biotechnology Information,have discovered through a study that human attention span has dropped from 13 seconds (as found in 2000) to 8 seconds (in 2013).

Therefore, profiles that consistently provide the audience with fresh and catchy posts take the top positions. Actor and comedian Aziz Ansari boosted his Instagram followers list by creating beautiful narratives of travel and food photos.

  1. Giving a sneak-peak into personal lives-

Giving glimpses of private lives brings celebrities closer to their fans, by formulating personal bonds. Like Alia Bhatt is frequently seen posting pictures of her pet cat Edward or partying with her non-celebrity girlfriends. You won’t believe, the young actress has already reached a followers’ list of 17.8 million!

  1. Behind the scene actions-

One of the best methods of building marketing communication is by showing the audience your crazierside. This builds a great engagement with audience and they keep coming back for more new posts, contents and videos!

In fact, celebrities are now open to replying via comment threads, giving the impression of personal chats.

  1. Going off-line!

Surprised? Well, going off-line is indeed a great way to generate audience awareness online. The most followed celebrity on Instagram, Taylor Swift, recently signed out of all her social media accounts- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. This was just before the launch of her first new singles album- Reputation.

This was a great way of deviating from the set pattern of SMM- create account, get audience engaged with contents, study audience response metrics, repeat. Her social media blackout has actually taught that sometimes, going off-line is the best way to build a market online!

Use these celebrity trends to see your brand among the top social profiles!



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