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Brad Parscale to handle Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign via Digital Marketing

February, 2018: President Trump has geared up for a powerful fight back for the 2020 presidential election by appointing the guru of digital marketing media, Brad Parscale. With only 2 years to go, Trump has already set his game pace a step ahead.

Parscale has already been declared as a “digital guru” by the Washington Post. Moreover, he already worked as the digital reputation management expert during the 2016 presidential campaign for Trump.

Recently, Parscale himself announced about other campaigning personals who will be aiding him in the process. The list includes; Michael Glassner (Chief Operating Officer) and Lara Trump (daughter in law of the president) as the Chief advisor.

The whole Trump Presidential Campaign will start from 2018’s midterm elections which will involve endorsement of both Senatory and House candidates.

Parscale was born in the Topeka region of Kansas and has spent 15 years to build his organization. By the year 2010, he had joined the Trump Organization and had proved his mettle at being the crucial digital marketing guru yielding tremendous Trump influence all over.

You got to resonate with each and every person so that conducting an efficient reputation management becomes easy and beneficiary,” said Parscale, last November at a conference.

The Washington Post bestowed him with the tag of “digital marketing genius, the Wizard of Oz who won Trump’s campaign”.

Parscale will be in the limelight as the campaign manager and will focus strongly on reinforcing the boundaries of the election agenda, pushing it beyond limits. Known for his absolute loyalty towards President Trump, Parscale will implement aggressive digital strategies to enhance the brand image of Trump.

Using Facebook posts, so far, will be the main focus area. He calls it the “500-pound Gorilla” ready to take on any competitor. As 2020 draws close, the digital Guru is all set to work vigorously for campaign Trump.

Only time will reflect upon the outcome!


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