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Fostering “Teams” Rather Than Individual can Boost Company’s Public Relations!

Social hierarchies are everywhere. What if a company tries to topple it and replaces the concept of employees with teams? That would be a great way to grab public attention and build for them a brand name that stands for egalitarianism. The idea might sound too utopian or communist, but if implemented, it would not only result in a higher brand value, but also better productivity.

It falls upon the Public Relations department to convey these team building motifs to the public through subtle advertising. After all, the company motive remains the same- creating a considerable public recognition and improving company sales.

  1. Freedom to work in areas of interest –

The world is far out from the age when uniform mass production prevented the scope of individual recognition. So forming separate teams for separate genre of work allows employees the room to work in their areas of interest. And once a person recognises his forte, the quality of output automatically improves.

This has a direct relation with the company’s brand name and image. It would soon become a place where there is “freedom to work”! No person bossing over or constantly instructing. Only a set of basic rules and regulations that a person needs to concentrate upon while working.

  1. Work environment that acts as a brand model-

When the work force gets individual spaces for creative work, it creates a very healthy work environment. Employee satisfaction plays a huge role in building a positive audience relation.This in turn encourages more stakeholders to invest for they see an upward rising curve in quality production.

  1. Impact upon market audience-

Creating an impression upon the market audience plays a vital role. It is not only through high end products or fancy advertising, can a brand reach that; sometimes bringing about human changes in employee order can help build a stronger bond with clients as well.

For example, KFC India initially started off with employing deaf and dumb people as their over the counter staffs. This was a great strategy as it directly harped upon the minds of customers “what great work they are doing!”

Therefore, bringing about a change in the social order of employees can have a positive effect on your brand. People are so often more influenced by inspiring steps than elaborate marketing or advertising.

If you hold a notable position in the administration of a company which is brainstorming to augment ways to build stronger public relations, give this idea a thought. It might just work wonders in gaining client confidence with your production and production methods!


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