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Why does your company needs PR despite social media presence?

PR is often misunderstood with social media marketing by new start-ups and mid-level companies alike.  While having both can make a significant impact on your company’s value, not having public relations is never a good idea.

Thinking about why it matters? Here’s a look –

Firstly, having great promotional skills enables companies to reach a wider audience. Yes – a lot of people use social media; but, people also have scroll finger issues where they filter out most promotional content on their feed unless it’s of any benefit to them.

As Rockefeller put it, “Other than doing the right thing, one must also let people know about it.

In the present world, social media is definitely one of the biggest sources of public promotions. However, it doesn’t achieve a good end when it comes to brand management and image.

Secondly, to create a brand image, companies must expound that they care. Everything from their products to target market is a part of their plan – A vision.

Take Apple Inc. for instance. After facing all the problems that it did with Macintosh and LISA, Jobs still went with his instinct; which kind of got him fired. Yet, he came back as its CEO later and after iMac released, the rest is history!

Jobs fought for is end-to-end closed products and today the world sees eye to eye with it. Apple is a goliath in innovative tech and recently went through its most profitable phase ever – $88 billion in sales!

The reason –

Apple’s went with its vision and that is what took it above other companies. That was their PR!

Finally, public relations is one of the only ways a company can do effective crisis management. Imagine if your company was suddenly trashed on social media for some fake news, misunderstanding, bad review, or a mishap.

The only way to get out of it would be get help from PR professionals. Everything from media release to press statements must be regulated in a crisis situation. And that is why you need professionals in spite of social media!



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