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Convergence of PR and SoLoMo (Social, Mobile and Local)

The world of Public Relations is ever evolving and requires professionals to keep a tab on technological innovations that can ease their work or impact the way we communicate to the stakeholders across the strata. As we know, increasing number of people are consuming information on their smart phones thanks to the increased penetration and easily available mobile phones. People are interested in sharing local experiences on their social networks and thus SoLoMo is becoming an important tool that PR professionals should consider. And as mobile users increasingly access the internet for local information, search engines are now optimized for mobile phones as well. PR professionals should take cues from this trend and customize their campaigns for multi-channels and multi-platforms.


To bring it down, PR professionals will need to create customized and different types of content that can be shared across all media platforms such as web, mobile, tablet and across all platforms such as social media sites, websites etc. This will help to increase the visibility and penetration of the company’s messages across diverse platforms.

Use Content as your armor

As PR professionals, we must consider how people consume information and share experiences accordingly redesign the strategy to create content that is aligned to digital platforms and provides an opportunity to optimize the engagement with key stakeholders.

It is best to customize content to suit multiple social media platforms and web-connected devices. To give you an example an article/blog post can be shared across social media properties albeit with some tweaking to suit the type of platform. Even a campaign that is designed for Facebook/Twitter should be optimized to be viewed on mobile as well as web.  With social media platforms increasing by the minute, professionals will need to understand these newer and interactive content formats to ensure that there is deeper engagement.

Hyperlocal PR

To add to this, there is a growing opportunity for location-specific marketing and a greater emphasis on hyperlocal PR strategies that allows local businesses to reach and engage consumers directly. Thus it becomes important to reach out to local media which can reach out to geo-targeted audiences and engage with community-focused bloggers and even customers who comment frequently on social media.

Many industries such as Hospitality, Travel & Tourism are engaging PR consultancies for promoting their businesses locally. In fact social media apps should also be optimized for SoLoMo include: Facebook Checkin, Foursquare and Google+ which offer users latitude check-ins. Another one is Instagram, a photo-sharing app which can be used to share product images, documenting events etc. Professionals can engage with influencers/bloggers that can help promote the company’s products/services on social media.

Using SoLoMo techniques together with PR initiatives will enable consultancies to create targeted content towards specific users and amplifying creation and circulation of content, resulting in an increase in brand awareness.

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