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Corporate Communications Lead Redfern to Switch from Starbucks to Salesforce

Simon Redfern, Chief of Starbucks’s EMEA corporate communications group, will switch organizational insignias to assume responsibility as VP communications for Salesforce.  Catering to a similar geographical expanse, Redfern looks to chalk out his job role at Salesforce (London), through a comprehensive team meeting.

Headquartered in San Francisco, this USA based cloud computing company now looks to escalate their market reach in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In this respect, Redfern’s experience shall deem handy owing to his previous experience in Starbucks dwelling in the EMEA topography.

Sourcing from his exclusive interview, the following were excerpts –

“I’ll be glad to harness my five years of work experience in Starbucks to escalate Salesforce’s public relations standards. Moreover, being deployed at the EMEA region will aid me in projecting an improved organization communication in the region.”

Simon Redfern will also be shaking hands with his previous boss Corey duBrowa who joined Salesforce last summer after serving as the Senior Vice President of Global Communications at Starbucks. duBrowa assumed the throne from Jane Hynes, who now plies to Google Cloud as their Senior Director of global communications.

Stacey Torman will be vacating his position as head of Salesforce’s corporate communications group in the EMEA region making way for the company’s veteran work horse.

“I am overwhelmed to be working with Simon once again. After a fruitful journey at Starbucks, I’ll be glad to receive him as Salesforce’s EMEA communications lead owing to his experience and expertise”, commented duBrowa.

According to him, Redfern displayed immaculate growth capabilities as Starbucks after getting enrolled as the corporate affairs director and transpiring to head the EMEA sphere within a year’s time. Simon previous organization, Starbucks also backed the clause identifying Redfern’s contributions to the credibility of their venture’s global public relations.

As of now, only time will tell, how Simon fares at his new organization and its substantial outcome in Starbuck’s corporate communications on the global consortium.


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