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Data Dynamos to Grace the Podium at PR News’ Measurement Hall of Fame

PR News’ Measurement Hall of Fame recently launched Data Dynamos Awards Program that will bring the limelight upon those “under-the-radar” communicator people who have utilized data or communications to craft or refine new initiatives.

These personalities are not the perpetrators of perhaps the biggest of articles like the draft of Barcelona Principles. However, they have struck a perfect balance between creativeness and data mastery.

This selected ‘class’ has been judged upon their unique way of using data or communications as metrics to show the business impact of communication programs. The main communicators include Brett Care, Matthew Mors, Bill Dalbec, Diana Oberoi, Christopher O’Neil and Tom Simpson.

A communicator’s role is more than simply messaging. Evaluation of initiative performance, understanding the success of social platforms and turning campaign results into measurement units form parts of their job,” said a member of PR News.

Celebration of the initial class of Data Dynamos will take place at the 2018 Measurement Conference, Philadelphia.

The conference’s agenda of discussion will include efficient tools for tracking and analyzing data, success at social media platforms along with influencer marketing, selecting effective visualization techniques, building data dashboard with the help of KPIs and finally, how to test message before boosting up ads and posts.

The need to measure has increased. In this conference, people will get a chance to know which KPIs matter the most, as then only will they know how to use the numbers for boosting their next initiative,” said a board member of PR News.

Experts of Data Dynamos will talk about their social media success stories at this conference. They will also show which data to select and how to represent results in a more digestible presentation. These communicators, coming from diverse fields like Spectrum, APCO Worldwide, Save the Children and United Postal State Service, will conglomerate to speak on their initiatives and share their experiences.


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