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Digital Advertising Changes Course for Marketing Communications, 2018

5th March, 2018:  Advertising invades every possible digital marketing medium to connect more with customers be it social media platforms or any web page. According to statistics, mobile ads investment will grow 20% to more than 70 billion dollars in the US. There will be a whopping 75% digital ad spending according to e-marketers.

Such massive and drastic transfer of funds will prove to be the ultimate money tree which will lead to the formation of every innovation enunciated by Google, Facebook and other tech giants in the market. The marketing communications way of advertisements paves the way for a customer relationship building rather than mere link building strategy.

The ad industry operating via digital marketing enjoyed many years of successful campaigns produced from mass user data available on the internet. Facebook, Google, Twitter were platforms where everything a user liked, followed or shared could be monetized and packed into effectual ad campaigns.

2018 brings a different tone to the entire industry. In 2017, several ad companies pulled out their ads from YouTube and Google owing to the content getting displayed alongside major propaganda news.

A spokesman for a notable ad agency said “We are worried that our ads appearing beside certain conspiracy videos propagated the wrong idea of terrorism promotion. Until we see that such things do not happen in future, we will not put forward our ads on such platforms.”

The three main marketing communications digital advertising industry will follow this year; identity, personalization, and data. Ads will become highly personalized. Moreover, the use of viewer data becomes more pervasive in every mode than ever. Each ad will focus on a more intimate conversing tendency on every usable platform.

According to statistics, 90% sales occur in-store and ad marketers aim to make users understand the complete road of conversation along with the impact of ‘digital touch point’ to sales offline. Advertisers now embrace a more or less holistic view of digital marketing. Keeping everything in mind the digital ad industry will seek to create ad campaigns on a more personal tone.


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