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How digital marketing can influence hospitality marketing in 2018!

With the advent of internet and social media, the current marketing scenario has changed a lot. Digital marketing is continuously unfolding itself into the traditional marketing elements. Hospitality marketing is also no exception.

2018 year becomes challenging for hospitality marketing asking to undergo certain dramatic changes.


Consumers of today access social platforms and smartphones to find out airfare, restaurant and hotel bookings, etc.  As the latest analytics suggest; sales of digital travels will hit 198$ million in 2018, hospitality marketeers need to update and upgrade their game to the latest media trends and tools!

What are they? Well, follow on….

Digital marketing channels top the list when it comes to upbeat your marketing game in 2018! Statistics show that more than 150 million people will look through details online be it for trips or reservations!

To know how accommodations online are searched, found and booked, here are the latest marketing strategies that this sector of marketing needs to follow –

  • Social Media Platforms: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube are some the social platforms turning out to be influential for travel content marketing. About 45% consumers go across multiple content types across various social channels while planning for trips. More than 50% consumers voted travel content ad works as influencers during trip decision making. Moreover, 30% of consumers look at social networking sites watching videos and images to understand where and why they want to go!
  • Focus on Content: Clear, concise and credible content proves the key to attract and retain customers. Search engines prefer unique contents which are relevant hooking the customer instantly! Interactive contents by using videos, infographics, images, and slides create a terrific visual appeal to the customers.
  • Personalization: Every customer has a different a desire. Thus, welcome them with a touch of personalization so that they feel valued and more of all “connected”. Make different segments which cater to their needs. This would help in achieving loyal customers’ base and also in creating enhanced brand imagery to stabilize your future market hold!
  • Adapt modernization: Besides the fact; web contents should be SEO optimized and mobile friendly, adapt and utilize the gen-next cool trends to connect instantly with your target audience. Though the customers won’t stick to searching one brand but easy access would help to build a fan-base!
  • Strategize: Marketing forms are always changing. Take note of them to improvise and innovate. Strategizing comes naturally if you have the correct data analytics to understand search results and customer preference. Use resources wisely and implement automation in suitable sectors so that you do not lose out in the great game!

The locations should be on focus. Make sure the reservations are hold with sanctity. Hospital marketing depends on a lot of public feedbacks.

That’s why digital marketing is greatly infused into it. Hospitality marketing turns out to be a constantly blooming industry to work on. So, why wait? Follow these trends to get the optimum result for your brand!


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