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How digital marketing on Pinterest can be your ultimate branding treasure land?

Heard about the “Pin” uproar lately?

With more than 75 million “pins” getting posted, Pinterest turns to be the ultimate brand marketing platform for any niche marketer. It’s fast rocketing towards a galaxy of huge business numbers as more and more niche businesses find their digital marketing strategy protruding great output on this platform.

As our world of digital marketing changes with passing minute, automated ad techs and audience statistics become increasingly important to us. Media marketing for brand building seems inevitable for any business house to survive!

How does the whole Pinterest game change your brand strategy in 2018?

Let’s find out!

In 2017, we saw Pinterest paving its path by adding innovative tools like Pinterest Lens for boosting its use case. It also showed a whopping increase in users from 150 million to 175 million. It will also look forward at stronger active user base building in 2018 too!

  • Buyable Pins getting improved

Pinterest is evolving and it is evolving fast. It is moving towards becoming a more potential ecommerce space rather than merely becoming a social network. Brands showcasing their products on this platform can turn to an adept social media management branding strategy. As Pinterest users see your products getting displayed; the new improvement of buyable pins helps them to easily discover your products and purchase without even leaving the app.

  • Taste Graph

It is perhaps one of the greatest developments where your brand’s expanded product collection gets categorized and multiple options erupt sidewise based on customer behavior. This enables an improved ad targeting technique based mostly on customer trends. Moreover, it provides opportunities for marketeers as now they can understand their target audience more easily and that will help to reach them in the right time.

  • Pinterest Lens

The Lens feature’s another crucial perk for your branding enhancement. It helps your customers to search for your product acting as a better and an additional search factor. The super combination of search and text does let you engage with your consumers by outing forward your product, style, and services in front of them.

The journey of the Pinner…

Pinners’ roadmap goes like –

  • Just seeing
  • May or may not buy
  • Narrowing down
  • Sure to buy

So, as a marketeer who knows how important social media management for a brand is, you have to work on these 5 factors so that your target group narrows down your brand and purchases your product immediately.

You have to “pin” them on a more personal level. Your product image must connect with your client instantly so that looking for an alternative doesn’t even strike their mind. Keep your brand board placement clear of any unwanted image and text so that your customer does not get confused.

In this era of digital marketing, every brand marketeer needs to focus on what their buyer wants and build a personal connection with him or her, thus, strengthening their brand image.


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