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End to net neutrality might affect digital marketing!

According to an expert of Internet and Society, the influence on digital marketing will prove to be intense by ending net neutrality.

The inner sources have revealed that if the proposed bill by Federation Communications Commission gets approved on December 14, the way internet has functioned from the 90’s will totally change.

“Internet Service Providers certainly do not have a right to pick and choose on the Internet. This has led to a drastic oil free market,” commented a well-known professor.

A survey conducted on digital marketing revealed that over the last 15 years, internet providers have worked in the same way as telephone service providers to handle the online traffic.

The submitted proposal argues to classify these internet service providers as information providers; and hence seeks to block useless content. Along with these, there is a marked suggestion to charge an estimated amount for the use of different sites and apps to access their services.

The biggest impact that marketing communications management will face is the Freemium marketing practices. As the idea of Freemium marketing is based on uniform availability, eradicating net neutrality will make these sites suffer a huge loss. Without net neutrality, these companies might stand blocked.

“Companies offering Freemium services may have to pay an extended price to reach its target customers. This may, in turn, boost a customer’s price just to use some features of a free product,” said a marketing analyst.

Sources also reveal that content and inbound marketing are likely to get affected, which will pave ways for immediate reputation management. Their webinars and free white papers will have to deal with a similar competitive blocking, raised fee structures or unequal accessibility to potential customers.

The blogs and news article writing companies may find their access curtailed to readers, which also means that their PR efforts will grow unproductive. It will ultimately lead to a backlog in their world of media relations.

Digital advertising has to deal with their reputation management as the competitive market will surely rise to spend more to come to the forefront.

 “The advertisers and ad tech providers will have to pay more, especially if there is a running video. The acceptance of the proposed bill will accelerate dollars from different advertisers to remain on the top,” a proficient quoted.

Third party services will also pay the price for their digital marketing techniques. It is certainly not yet clear where the new roads may lead.


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