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Engaging With Twitter Influencers

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More and more people turn first to Twitter for their news. As significantly, almost every news professional turns first to Twitter for news – every news professional, personally and organizationally, increasingly sees success as a function of its Twitter reaction. This emergence of a new media giant has given birth to new sources of news and opinion creators, some of whom have followers double the size of the largest print publications. These sources are not celebrities, nor are they corporate honchoes; these are regular people like you and me, called Twitter Influencers. Today every brand is vying for their attention, just one tweet is what they seek from them.

In the Part – II of #DigitalMeraDost series, we will focus on these influencers. This time we will host two panels of very influential Tweeters. We will have an opportunity to know – who they are, where are they found, how do we identify them and most importantly, how we can engage with them appropriately. These are some of the questions we would seek answers through our very own Twitter Influencer & Moderator – Anaggh Desai (@anaggh).

From research to promotion to media relations, using Twitter for public relations should be standard practice by now for every PR pro. Let’s find out more about how engaging with Twitter can help clients put their brand ‘out there’.







Meet the Moderator

Anaggh Desai (@anaggh)

Ex waiter, logistics, TA & OTA, Dotcom, Retailer | loves Malt & Food | Mindcaster



Date: September 11, 2015 | Time: 4 PM
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