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Eureka! Insta’s new messaging feature rolls out unique digital marketing play-off!

Have you heard about the latest news of Instagram? If not, then you sure did miss out Insta’s brand new digital marketing strategy!


Instagram has rolled out a new messaging feature for business profiles where they get to expand their action buttons in a more extensive way to third-party apps.

Clearly a new digital marketing venture on the part of Instagram, the feature will let businesses interact with their customers on a wider level. Rumor has it that Insta is currently working on its booking and payments section expansion policy for the last few weeks.

Gaining above 20 million active users who visit business profiles on this photo-sharing app each and every day, the platform will provide brands more effective way of social media management. From now on, Insta will be every customer’s “one-stop” shopping destination where their favorite brands (small/large) will reside!

The new feature entails the following –

  • Insta followers can book tickets, make reservations and also appointments!
  • They can also order delicious food from their favorite restaurants as this app now provides “call to action” buttons.
  • Moreover, with the Instagram Direct tagged along with the CTA buttons on business profiles, entrepreneurs can connect their clients with another third-party partner from this platform directly!

Businesses now have a much better way to handle their social media management department along with their marketing campaigns.

They will see new client messages in Insta’s “Direct” inbox rather than seeing them in the “pending” section. Previously, such important messages mostly used to get ignored and businesses despite their efforts missed out on a few important leads!

Now, at its nascent stage, third-party partners include Booksy, Atom Tickets, Eatstreet, Eventbrite, OpenTable, Tock, My time, Fandango, Yelp Reservations, Vagaro and many more quirky brands!

With all these new integrations, Instagram’s digital marketing plan will work out perfectly as they plan to extend this list to cover more partners globally.


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