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Updates to Facebook newsfeeds might change marketing communications!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg made a statement on his official page that beginning 2018, users will receive localized news in their feeds.

What this means is that users will be now getting local news from their city, town or community. Upping their marketing communications game, Facebook will now lay importance on segregating major news from the ‘not-so-important’ ones.

In a post spreading approximately 300 words, Zuckerburg mentioned that they were concerting on showing high quality and trusted news to users; thus making developments to their social media management. Moreover, he also said that they were trying to show users’ news feeds that they trusted the most.

He also laid stress on the fact that people want to see news that affect their community the most. Zuckerburg further added, “Research revealed that showing local news to users can encourage civic engagement.” 

Thus if they know what is going on in their locality they can provide their manpower and help make a difference.

Zuckerburg further said, that in his travels through the country last year, he came across people who told him how all of them had so much in common if they could get past the national issues that were divisive.

Facebook’s social media management could reach new levels if these divisive news were toned down. Instead people now want local news that would be concrete so that they all could make progress together.

Presently, this update will only be available in the US and slowly come into effect in other countries.

This update will identify local news when users located in a specific geographical area click on it. Additionally, local news will also show up in user’s feeds if one of their friends clock on it.

Concluding this marketing communications post, the Facebook CEO wrote that local news can help build communities both online and offline.

“It’s crucial to make sure that the durations spent on Facebook is valuable. I’m looking forward to providing more updates shortly”, he further added.


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