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Facebook has split Newsfeed among 6 countries to boost Digital Marketing

Facebook is ranking as one of the biggest platforms of digital marketing for various companies. The open platform for mass marketing till now has been a stupendous hit among people; however, the scenario has changed from Monday.

Presently, in Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Guatemala and Cambodia, people will be able to see two separate sections in their newsfeed. One will be of ‘friends update,’ and the other will be of company updates or the Explore page.

As per Facebook’s head of Newsfeed, Adam Mosseri, “This is not a permanent plan, yet, there is nothing sure. We want to see how it works among people and then take any further step.”

The concerned reason for this experiment was to make the newsfeed more user-friendly. People were getting way too many company updates even when they are not very inclined on the services. Moreover, this was leaving behind the friend updates which people were often missing.

Mosseri further stated, “Our goal is to understand what is working better with our users. We are not ready to compromise on our user experience. Presently, we are waiting for the feedback to understand whether this idea is worthy of pursuing or not.”

However, there is a hailing query regarding how the brands would react to this sudden change. Almost, 40% of the business comes from mass marketing in Facebook.

Though this can be a blow to the digital marketing plans of certain companies, the outlook of Facebook is certainly different in this matter.

The large brands and media companies are already paying a lot for their posts and products. For that, we are limiting this to only six countries for a test run.

With the new shift, there is a possibility that the businesses will utilize their pages differently. The pages can now evaluate the number of people visits and act accordingly.

As per Facebook, this is not an attempt to change the shape of online marketing; rather, it will help companies with better social media management.

As this is not going on a global basis, people can breathe easy for now. However, to be on the safer side, it is always better to think about a Plan B to keep customers engaged and draw them towards the pages.

Mosseri finally concluded by saying, “There will not be any extra charge for any business or publication page.”


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