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Get Your CEOs on Twitter

images (7)We can understand if your CEO just doesn’t want to jump on to the social media bandwagon, it’s not their fault as they are too hard pressed for time. However one social network that they can still comfortably use is – Twitter, it is a social networking tool that compels you to be concise. Since Twitter allows only 140 characters, it becomes the only and the most ideal platform for them. However as their communications consultant, getting them started is not an easy task for you, so here are few good advices from social media experts that can help you train and convince your CEO to embrace this platform. 

Listen: It is also a good idea to do some pre-researching before starting anything new. Identify CEOs, business leaders in your sector who are actively using social networking and review how they are using the platforms, what they communicate and how often they communicate. Extend this listening to few influencers within your domain, then important stakeholders and ofcourse your own employees in due course.

Practice: Another good idea before the live performance is to practice the art well and for that social media gods have gifted us a platform called ‘Yammer’, this is quite similar to Twitter, but can be used internally within the employees. This will help the CEOs practice, saying it in 140 words and what is said will remain within the company. Once comfortable, move them out of their comfort zone slowly.

Bust the Myths of Twitter: There are many myths about Twitter that scare the already busy CEOs away. You will have to help bust some of the myths such as they don’t need to be tweeting 24 hours a day and everything that they think is important. They can be selective and cautious about what they tweet and can do so comfortably as well as strategically when they feel.

Take Baby Steps: Even before setting up their own accounts or just after moving out of the Yammer comfort zone, they can start with the organization’s or brand handle and learn the ropes.

What to Tweet: This is biggest question asked by a newbie, but CEOs are different animals, they are exposed to that part of the business arena, where very few have access to. They can offer unique insights on business, upcoming trends, tips on various topics, converse with employees, one-liners from their every-day reading etc. It is actually not difficult for these guys to come up one-liners on the above topics if they are genuinely keen to embrace the new mode of communication,

Allow them to be themselves: Don’t butt in and polish the tweets, the PR way, there is no need for a perfect press release here. Let them talk in their own tone, let their individual personality be reflected and only then it will seen genuine or else people will think it is you behind that handle.

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