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Google, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube… Has Hired AI as Their Astrologer

AI a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence is now all over digital marketing. It is presently a Buzzword for the online market, which is expected to change the entire face of digitization soon. From a dot to the largest data, AI has the capacity to compile it all.

All the big names and companies all over the world including Google, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to name a few are investing loads of money in AI. These companies need artificial intelligence to predict what every customer would like to see in future.

Frank is one such AI designed to look after customer’s reaction and advertising. As per the E-marketers prediction two years ago, from 2015-2017, there will be a 65% hike in demand of AI, and it is true now. Presently, 67% of the display ads are done by AI.

The customers are happy. Even before they are clear in their head what to buy, the options are there in front of them. This has increased the sales rate too!” commented a marketing analyst.

Moreover, AI can analyze and understand human behavior as per their choice. Whether a person likes to receive notification or not or what is their pattern of search; AI is able to do it all.

US marketing executives predict that by the beginning of 2020, 80% of the advertising market will be certainly taken over by AI. This further predicts an investment of $48,097 million by the online sites in AI Digital marketing.

With AI having everything under its control, there was a growing wave of concern regarding how exposed people will be. It can pose a huge threat if all the personal data and information in the AI storage becomes accessible by unethical groups.

However, the companies have thought on this, and they have a plan on investing around $2,472 solely on cyber security.

This brings a huge hope for the future of online marketing and developing media relations with customers.

AI is the new mode for building a customized marketing plan for each and every customer,” said an E-marketer.


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