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Google Doodles pose as a unique media logo for brand imagery!

The media of digital reality is evolving fast and brand new marketing techniques are coming up hoping to catch up with the hyper-competitive market. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat have geared up for variety of their brand’s Logo marketing strategies. And the giant of an organisation, Google decodes and deconstructs their branding strategy with their unique logo via the art of doodling.

Doodling, the road to a joyful destination!

Do you know for any artist, doodles are the best way to express happiness? They are deep in meaning and yet are light in their tenure. Google has always specialized in creating upbeat doodles celebrating each and every cause that has happened in our world! It is their path of effective marketing communications! For marketing does not only mean sales and profit.

Marketing means to communicate your idea to a person so that he or she understands your idea well enough to conceptualize it further!

Recent trends of Google Doodles show –

  • Celebrating the author of “Where The Wild Things Are”, Maurice Sendak
  • Birthday of the person who invented the petri dish
  • An absolutely terrific multi-tasking doodle which celebrated Mother’s day!
  • Then came Paraguay’s independence day
  • Celebration of the Dragon Boat festival at southeast Asian countries

Now, what does this Logo Doodling say for any brand’s recognition?

It is Google’s confidence that anyone in the world would recognize its out-of-the-box doodles. The brand name is so strong that even when some of the letters of Google are missing, the audience does not have any problem recognizing it! Moreover, certain doodles are many a time presented in a strange format which also does not stop Google audience from recognizing this giant brand.

Quirks of Google doodles work wonder as an effective marketing communications tool! How? Follow on…

We live in a world where multitude of companies invests million in designing their brand logos. For example, Wal-Mart had designed 6 logos in the past 50 years! Google, on the other hand, can change its logo’s look because it is essentially a web-based organisation where millions of people log on every moment of everyday!

For any digital media, the logo draws people to look at its always-changing expression! The doodle portrays tremendous effectuality as a marketing tool! It is solely about –

  • Consistency and upbeat designs.
  • Essentially a connecting link for every Google audience.
  • Creating value for search engine users by motivating them with their every single doodle’s message.
  • Knowledge sharing as it contributes highly to every culture in the world.
  • Works well as a social media campaigning device where the signature rainbow colour of the doodle amplifies interaction amongst people!

[Note: Like it did on Earth day where the logo turned green and had a text below the doodle asking “Which animal are you?” This made people active participants in a fun banter all over the globe.]

The graphic designing team is led by Dennis Hwang who says “every art doodled is every artist’s interaction with a search engine user!”



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