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Google Finally Drops a Hint for Successful Marketing Communications

If the internet is a solar system, Google is the sun now! With a share of great power, Google doesn’t spare even a single backdated work. To keep up with its self-made trend, Google is again playing the master stroke by dropping hints that it’s time to re-shuffle the rules again for better marketing communications.

Google simply made a point that the only way to ensure success is by enhancing your online presence by enhancing SEO. From now on, every company needs to search and see their present condition, identify the faults and finally work on those weak points.

Interestingly, the era of enhancing Corporate Communications has already started. Lately, as per the search results, 82% of the company has searched themselves up in Google.

One of the company head stated that,

Google is a part of my company image and reputation. Yes, it’s late, but for the last 1 month I am focusing a lot on the online marketing. Within 2 years, even after being in this field for so long, my present competitor list includes two small businesses.

….This simply happened because of their groundbreaking effort of online marketing.”

As small businesses are focusing more on digitalization and Big names and brands are still drawing attention based on their value.

Now, 61% of the companies are checking them at online to see their visibility is better or not.

However, Google has made it quite clear that anyone who is opting for online marketing needs to keep themselves updated else, losing in the internet ocean will not be very difficult.

The ultimate aim is to gain SERP ranking, and Google follows no hierarchy. One who puts effort will be in front; there is no reservation or means to book place” as stated by the officials.

In the same research, the data is out that 69% of the companies are checking how their site looks to their potential customers.

Creative Director at Digimax, Shaz Memon stated, “Google is now omnipresent in daily life. This shows how widely people are using Google. It is just not a searching tool anymore; it is the platform that has the complete potential to make or break corporate communications.”

Incorporating this tech revolution in marketing communications is going to be a maker of reputation. It is time for corporate companies to take this role seriously and build a better reputation for themselves.



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