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Latest Unnamed Google Algorithm Slowly Unveils Itself

Despite continuous tweaks to its Search Engine algorithms averaging 3 per day, Google discreetly introduced a core upgrade back in August. It is only until September that digital marketing experts are still coming to terms with this new algorithm addition. It is an addition rather than an upgrade as per experts. Fondly named as Fred, it’s continues to give the best SEO gurus sleepless nights.

Numerous websites all around the globe are reporting huge drops in organic traffic, sometimes above the 70% bracket. SEO experts are still analyzing the basics and depth of Fred update. Rumor mills, especially black hat forums, stay busy although Google is yet to confirm it. Their Gary Illyes however jokingly maintains that all the updates come as Fred.

According to insider sources though, Fred comes as a holistic set upgrades rather than a singular measure. With Google increasingly concentrating on user experience and satisfaction, Fred seems to come with a strong line of content quality upgrades.

Slowly but surely straying from key phrases, this new algorithm allegedly has a preference for larger contents. Content requirements continue to tend towards blogs.

However, there’s enough smoke from sine-wave SERPs, even of popular websites, to suggest Fred has something to do with link quality as well.

It’s still rolling out. Fluctuations will take some time to come to a proper stable scenario. Till then, all we can do is take a ride.” – comments a leading SEO guru who will remain unnamed.

With numerous webmasters complaining of home pages disappearing from top 3 SERPs, it’s obvious that Fred is ranking stronger internal linking high. Better internal linking allows Google crawlbots to compile the whole website easily.

Seems like they’re just trying to make their jobs easier and ours a lot tougher.” – says another digital marketing front-runner.

What’s apparent, Fred is a major slew of algorithm upgrades. It includes tweaks to both Penguin and Panda setups.

Surveys still rate more than 50% of the articles on the internet as spams, either with KW stuffing or poor linking. Google is determined to bring that down according to a leading SEO and SMO expert, now a blogger of repute.

Website marketing strategists are finding it hard to come to term with how this ranking algorithm is choosing top rankers. Google remains tight-lipped but fluctuations are going both ways for websites concentrating more on organic traffic.

Continuing, there are some sections of the industry who also add localization specifics. They believe Fred also includes content and linking pointers relating strongly with target audience specifics. This is still an untapped horizon although localization searches are in full effect. Inside sources believe Google is now shifting their sights to promoting content with wholesome content localization relativity with the individual reader.

The future does throw up queries and facts are too few as of now to answer them. Achieving top SERPs and inducing better user value will continue to drive this search engine ergonomics forward. Websites will get their consumer and consumers will get their value. Fred makes sure everyone gets what they want.


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