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Google’s Smart Compose becomes a digital marketing endeavor composing emails by itself

Google’s I/O keynote podium saw the unveiling of Gmail’s new feature, Smart Compose, pioneered by the search engine’s CEO, Sundar Pichai. A nouveau way of tackling inbox, this tool is a step forward with Smart Reply, creating a new space in the digital marketing realm.

The Smart Compose utilizes Google AI technology on the scale of an individual user. Calling it a new AI-powered tool that will predict the message texts, Smart Compose will let users write and send emails faster than before. Experts are entitling the launch as path breaker in the digital marketing realm.

This feature is Google’s own verdict on how predictive texts will work for email. For all who have experienced predictive texts on their smartphones, Smart Compose will prove a lot better,” said Sundar Pichai in his keynote address.

The new tool powered up by AI will use machine learning to predict what the user will write, based upon what he/she has written in the past. Moreover, it will suggest words and phrases helping people to write faster emails, thus, saving considerable time.

Adding more to the bonus list of Google’s marketing expertise, the unique tool also will reduce the chances of user’s spelling and grammatical errors while composing emails hurriedly.

Smart Compose is an integral part of redesigning Gmail and will be available to every user over the coming weeks. Paired with Smart Reply, it turns Gmail into an effective media of transcribing flawless mails,” explained the CEO.

The new media feature will operate in the background and will pop out a few suggestive texts when any user types. People can either choose or not choose these suggestions opting for those fitting their mail requirement.

Smart Compose has been designed with the ability to provide relevant contextual texts. For example, if it’s a Friday then, a phrase like “Have a great weekend ahead” pops up.

Users wanting to enable this feature can open their Gmail inbox and click on the gear icon present at the topmost right corner. By clicking “Try the new Gmail,” users can start to enjoy Google’s new digital marketing initiative.


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