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Hancock’s app is a classic example of attention seeking social media management

British tory politician and cultural secretary, Matt Hancock has launched an app that is named after him. In an attempt to escalate his social media presence, the Conservative Party member felt that this would be an ideal way to connect with his audience.

The mobile application allows users to give application for verification, watch the politician on live streams, and interact with one another through messages. Hancock himself tweeted the launch of his app and said that it was aimed to create a better connect with his constituents.

Even though it was made with all the good intentions for his media relations, the idea totally backfired at the tory. After the launch, the app was subjected to a slew of remarks, memes, and jokes; something that was clearly unexpected.

A number of fake accounts were created by trollers who asked the minister if there was any ‘incognito mode’ on the app. This was an allusion to the recent sacking of Cabinet Minister Damien Green, who was condemned for watching pornographic material on a parliamentary computer.

In a classic case of social media management backfiring, Hancock was also compared to a satirical TV show called ‘The Thick Of It.’ It focuses on a tech-phobic politician who launches a government app.

Also, while most experts have ostracized the app by saying that it failed to provide users with adequate privacy and breached it instead, the Tory minister continues to defend himself to the extent of saying that it is safer than other social media apps.

What is ensuing with this Hancock app is nothing new. In fact, it is one of those failed social media management attempt that more people are subjecting themselves to. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Madonna, and Shaquille O’Neal have already treaded these waters with politicians like Hancock joining the party.

The event exposes the exercise of attention seeking tendencies that most people with influence are being drawn towards. However, not always do they work in favor and sometimes they do end up being the ‘butt of jokes’.


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