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Happy Birthday Indian PR Forum

cakeIndian PR Forum has grown 8 years old today!!!!

Happy Birthday to your house online. Happy Birthday to Indian PR Forum.

May this forum grows even stronger, wiser, resourceful and continues to unite the Indian PR community.

A big thank you to all contributors and members of the forum to uphold the democratic spirit of forum and maintain its unbiased nature intact.

To mark this day, I suggest that Indian PR Forum hosts – IPRF Awards to recognize good work done by agencies and corporate across all industry sectors. This is just a thought at this point. We can explore this further and make it the first IPRF property.

I also propose if we can have a Twitter chat today between 4pm to 5pm to discuss how we can further strengthen IPRF. We will go with the hash tag #IPRF. Everyone is invited to join in to celebrate IPRF birthday party on Twitter.

Once again Happy Birthday Indian PR Forum


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