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Have your PR programs changed to serve the digital savvy?

Visual Content

You might have noticed many business newspapers have started to carry articles that have some visual representation to illustrate the story, be it in the form of graphs, charts, photographs or an illustration. In fact a number of studies have been conducted and they prove that any content with visual elements is more likely to be viewed and shared.

It’s about time that PR pros start exploring multimedia tools like videos, graphs, charticles for pitching their concept notes and  press releases. The starting point could be:

1. Your Client’s Website (Media Centre):The media centre on the client’s website that has all the company collaterals, spokespeople profiles, products photographs can be creatively designed. To begin with, it can include a video talking about the company’s journey from inception till date and also have customer testimonials on video. You can also have the employees talk about their experience with the company and a blog where the employees share their learning’s/expertise in the sector through articles and nuggets. Make the financial details of the company look more appealing and present it in a graphical format. Media coverage can be presented in Slideshare and can also have interviews of spokespeople on the electronic media. Lastly, remember to showcase the awards won and any other new important announcements from the company. All the collaterals on the website should be in a downloadable format and it should be shared along with your pitch note or press release.

2. Digital Press Release:A digital press release starts with mapping the keywords that are most searched and most relevant for your company. Once the release is created, a wide range of digital assets are plugged in the form of links – company’s website, hyperlinking of keywords, adding images – how it works graphs, videos – can include spokespeople quotes, illustrations of product and anything else that can help to tell your story. Lastly but most importantly, make the press release easy to share on social media properties as well.

3. Use Creatives to enhance your content:Use images and videos that are designed well and are visually appealing, hire a creative designer in-house or outsource it to an agency. Alternatively, you can also DIY, here is an interesting blog post that shares more details on this: http://prinyourpajamas.com/visual-press-releases/#more-5628

With the continuing evolution of consumption of media across segments and the increasing demand for more visual content, the way PR practitioners pitch stories will have to change. We will need to find inventive and more engaging ways to connect with the media. What do you think about this trend and how have your PR programs changed to serve the digital savvy culture? Tell us more in the comments section.


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