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Heard of Twitter’s New Digital Marketing Strategy via Their Video Advertising Feature?

Twitter’s senior director, Barry Collins, said that the coming world cup will be one of the most trending video events this year. Weirdly, this can be seen as a viable digital marketing game plan as 4 years ago, Twitter saw about 650 million tweets regarding the world cup.

However, this video advertising endeavour is not only restricted for soccer enthusiasts but for entrepreneurs of every niche as well.

Did you know that Twitter made about $287 million from video advertising during the last quarter?

And perhaps, that is why the saying goes “Twitter’s half business is VIDEO!!!”

Apart from generating a hell lot of money, the video advertising endeavour will also generate a huge chunk of the social media’s ad revenue. In fact, more than 50% ad revenue will be sourced from this marketing strategy.

So, you see how you have been presented with the most lucrative video ad promoting platform?

Here’s how you can utilize it if you want your digital media endeavours to grow!

1. Video for your product catalogue

If you want to bump up your digital marketing game, then a Twitter video ad will prove to be the best! You get to flaunt your products and services as a product-infused video ad will sure enhance your brand value. You can even stylise them with specific design and attitude, thus, creating a visually engaging content for your target audience. The Twitter GIF can be a plausible option here.

2. User Experience Decoded

How about showing your customers what’s it like to use your product via a video? Offering such an ad will place your audience right in the centre of your brand action. You can project the product pros and motivate them. And voila! They will hit the download button immediately.

By applying these viable digital marketing techniques, you can surely have a potential lead plus revenue generating marketing plan at hand.  People actually watch more video on Twitter than on any other platform (as statistics claim).

If you can truly create an engaging hook in the first 3 seconds of your video, then bingo! You have cracked a jackpot! All those hectic years to boost your digital media efforts and gain a healthy follower base ONLINE will finally pay off!


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